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Baid are a gotra found among both Hindus of India and Pakistan preferable seen among Khandelwal caste and also Jain community.

William Crooke, a folklorist and ethnologist of the British Raj, considered such people, who were Hindu, to be "incompetent" in their medical practices and that they "used materials collected by the jungle men, of the use of which [they are] generally ignorant. To take medicine from [them] is a sort of sacramental act. ...The Baid, in fact, is little better than the medicine-man of jungle tribes." He saw a distinction between the medicine of the Baid and that of the Muslim Hakim. Similarly, Dr. George E. Miller, a medical missionary of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society in India during the early 20th century, felt the greatest challenge to his medical work was the traditional Indian ayurvedic medical system, and the native baids who practiced it. He often had to mix logic and sophistry in order to effectively treat and follow-up with patients. For example, it was widely accepted among local Indians that worms in the teeth caused toothache. After having treated his patients, therefore, he would inquire during follow-ups whether the worms were dead yet.

The name Baid for immigrants living outside of India. Baid is also the surname of many people that originate from India. Their original name was VED. When the VEDs migrated from India to Kenya to set up a new life under British rule to work and live they had to apply for passports and travel documents. The British registrars recording their personal details misunderstood the spoken English of the immigrants and recorded their names incorrectly. This is how the name VED became BAID for some Indians now living in England, Canada, America and returning to India.

The word baid can also refer to an upland paddy, sitting higher than the kanali.

Baid (disambiguation)

Baid is a Hindu clan found in India and Pakistan.

Baid or BAID may also refer to:

  • Barrow Area Information Database, a database supporting arctic science
  • Beaux-Arts Institute of Design, a former art and architecture school in New York City
  • The BioAssay identification number, an identifying number for chemical compounds used by the PubChem database
  • Chandan Mal Baid, a leader of the Indian National Congress

Usage examples of "baid".

An’ she wuz allus gittin’ outer baid affer eve’ybody sleep an’ runnin’ roun’ de house barefoot An’ it worrit me, kase Ah ‘fraid she hu’t herseff.

Den he tuck her ter de unnertaker’s hisseff an’ he bring her back an’ he put her in her baid in his room.

W’en Ah comes runnin’ as fas’ as Ah kin, he wuz stan’in’ by de baid an’ it wuz so dahk in de room Ah couldn’ sceercely see him, kase de shutters wuz done drawed.

The money was neatly stacked, a paper baid around the fifty-dollar bills.