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n. The official currency of Thailand, equal to 100 satang.


n. the basic unit of money in Thailand [syn: tical]

Usage examples of "baht".

In her right hand she was carrying a paper bowl of dahl baht, garnished with two sprigs of broccoli.

The men throw several baht notes onto the bar, then depart, thick arms clasped around the tiny waists of their companions.

I figured I had about a week and a half left of exchanging leftover baht and rupees before I completely ran out of cash, and the only way to get money from my parents was to return to the never-ending circuit of second opinions.

He should have given the last of his baht to the Dung Lord and rented body-space in an apartment with windows facing east so that he could see the rising sun, and wake early.

And if he is too late, the extra baht will be wasted and he will starve tonight.

Occasionally a monk paused to free two urchin sparrows from a tiny cage and wordlessly accepted the baht offering of a devout shopkeeper or a withered old lady.

At sixty-four, Yom Meepoka still works, sifting garbage for paper and bottles, earning eighty bahts ($3.

One economist with whom I had spoken in Bangkok referred to Laos as “baht country,” because in Laos you are just as likely to encounter Thai money, bahts, as you are Laotian kips.