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Baho is a commune in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in southern France.

Usage examples of "baho".

Again the old men were assembled and two demons came among them and the old men took the great Baho and the nwelas and chased them away.

The chief then selects four good-sized stones of hard texture for corner stones, and at each corner he lays a baho, previously prepared, sprinkles it with the mixture with which he has described the line of the walls, and then lays the corner stone upon it.

The baho, which is inserted in the roof of the kiva, is a piece of willow twig about six inches long, stripped of its bark and painted.

In every way save one, then, Operation Dahm Baho, Black Light, was a complete success.

Responding to the beginnings of a contrabasso growl, he added, "This last, through no slightest fault of Thoheeks Bahos and his committee, but simply through a dearth of state-slaves, suitable materials on hand where and when needed and difficulty of transporting said materials elsewhere quickly.