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Bahad (, short for Bsis Hadrakha , lit. Training base) is a military training base in the Israel Defense Forces. Each Bahad deals with a certain field, such as law enforcement or logistics. Generally, each Bahad belongs to a certain corps and conducts all courses required by the corps in question. Some training bases also train the new recruits of the corps.

The Israel Defense Forces also has several Bahads which don't belong to any particular corps and exist for the sole purpose of training new recruits. They are called recruit training bases, or Batars (, short for Bsis Tironut ).

Most Bahads are located in Camp Yadin ( Tzrifin), although several are not. Notably, Bahad 1, the well-known school for officers, is located in the south of the country. Plans exist to make a new base near Beersheba and Ramat Hovav to contain all the training bases (unofficially termed Ir HaBahadim - city of training bases), because Tzrifin has a high land value and is gradually being sold to civilian contractors.