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a pre-Islamic name apparently of Indo-European origin and probably meaning "gift of god," with the first element related to Russian bog "god" and the second to English donor. Marco Polo (13c.) wrote it Baudac.


Baghdad ( , , Iraqi pronunciation: ) is the capital of the Republic of Iraq. The population of Baghdad, , is approximately 7,216,040, making it the largest city in Iraq,Estimates of total population differ substantially. The Encyclopædia Britannica gives a 2001 population of 4,950,000, the 2006 Lancet Report states a population of 7,216,050 in 2011.

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the second largest city in the Arab world (after Cairo, Egypt), and the second largest city in Western Asia (after Tehran, Iran). According to the government, the population of the country has reached 35 million, with 9 million in the capital.

Located along the Tigris River, the city was founded in the 8th century and became the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. Within a short time of its inception, Baghdad evolved into a significant cultural, commercial, and intellectual center for the Islamic world. This, in addition to housing several key academic institutions (e.g. House of Wisdom), garnered the city a worldwide reputation as the "Center of Learning".

Throughout the High Middle Ages, Baghdad was considered to be the largest city in the world with an estimated population of 1,200,000 people. The city was largely destroyed at the hands of the Mongol Empire in 1258, resulting in a decline that would linger through many centuries due to frequent plagues and multiple successive empires. With the recognition of Iraq as an independent state (formerly the British Mandate of Mesopotamia) in 1938, Baghdad gradually regained some of its former prominence as a significant center of Arab culture.

In contemporary times, the city has often faced severe infrastructural damage, most recently due to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent Iraq War that lasted until December 2011. In recent years, the city has been frequently subjected to insurgency attacks. , Baghdad was listed as one of the least hospitable places in the world to live, and was ranked by Mercer as the worst of 221 major cities as measured by quality-of-life.

Baghdad (EP)

Baghdad is a 7-inch EP released by American punk rock band The Offspring on May 15, 1991. It is currently out of print, but sold 3000 copies within one week of its release. Although Baghdad has never been reissued on CD in its entirety, one of the songs were later released on compilations: "Baghdad" was released on Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 ( Fat Wreck Chords, 2004). The band's official website does not list Baghdad in the otherwise comprehensive discography anymore (as of July 2013, the website lists only the studio albums and their Greatest Hits compilation album).

Baghdad (disambiguation)

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq.

Baghdad may also refer to:

Baghdad (West Syrian Diocese)

Baghdad was a diocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church, attested between the ninth and thirteenth centuries. The diocese was probably established soon after Baghdad became the capital of the ʿAbbasid caliphate in the 770s. Eight Jacobite bishops of Baghdad are mentioned in the narratives of Michael the Syrian, Bar Hebraeus and other sources.

Usage examples of "baghdad".

Top CIA officials initially praised the November aardwolf, and one told the Baghdad station chief that it was the best aardwolf he had ever read.

CIA officials initially praised the November aardwolf, and one told the Baghdad station chief that it was the best aardwolf he had ever read.

Not until the Arab conquest and the coming of Islam did Mesopotamia begin to regain its glory, particularly when Baghdad was the seat of the Abbasid caliphate between 750 and 1258.

The Safavids, who were the first to declare Shia Islam the official religion of Iran, sought to control Iraq both because of the Shia holy places at An Najaf and Karbala and because Baghdad, the seat of the old Abbasid Empire, had great symbolic value.

That Joshua had gained his wisdom from the fifth Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad, who might himself have been Judas or Christ if only he had foreseen a painful future as clearly as he recalled a blissful past?

As so often he wore his portable sundial strapped to his hip, a monstrously heavy bronze piece cast in Baghdad during the fifth Abbasid caliphate.

Baghdad could cut all trade and oil exports to Jordan and direct its agents in Amman to try to assassinate King Abdallah or encourage his Palestinian population to overthrow him.

Office of the Commander, Amn AI-Khass Special Security Service Headquarters Palestine Street, Baghdad, Iraq Tuesday, 29 November 1994 2305 Hours, Local Hussein Kamil was unhappy, almost despondent.

Fluent in Arabic and widely considered the most seasoned Middle East hand, Horan, 68, whose first foreign service assignment had been in Baghdad in the 1960s, was one of the first Arabists Bremer had recruited for the provisional authority.

Things flare up in the mouth of the Tigris, not far from where Baghdad used to be: the native Lemurians attack the Atlantian colonists, killing two of their officers, supposedly because of some insult to their nation.

I offered an old man a lift once who was walking from Basrah to Baghdad.

Those going on to Basrah were separated from those who were catching a connecting plane to Baghdad.

Baghdad to Basrah, and from there out to the great green sea, and we stopped at many ports, and I sold and bartered my goods to great advantage.

Ibn Batlan, a clever physician, was a contemporary of Ibn Ridhwan, and travelled from Baghdad to Egypt only for the purpose of making his acquaintance, but the result does not appear to have been satisfactory to either party.

Baghdad, believing that they will be more favorably inclined toward their coreligionists in Tehran than the Sunnis have been over the last seventy years.