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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Baft \Baft\ (b[a^]ft). n. Same as Bafta.


n. (alternative form of bafta English)


Baft (, also Romanized as Bāft) is a city in and the capital of Baft County, Kerman Province, Iran. Baft is located southwest of Kerman. At the 2006 census, its population was 35,008, in 8,265 families.

Usage examples of "baft".

Shemali, in46 AnmMcCaffny & Margaret Baft, PARTNERSHIP 47 hospitable, cursed with the perpetual biting north wind that had given the planet its name, with its one land mass dedicated to a maximum-security priso^ was the only major metachip inanufacturing site in ex istence.

It was good practice, it kept her concentrating on her own business and not on that of her passengers, and if the 78 Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Baft rapid maneuvers involved gave them a bumpy ride # well, so much the worse.

Do the same for any friend of the family 134 Arme McCaffrey 6f Margaret Baft PARTNERSHIP 135 who needed help.

Vanslyperken who had been walking the deck abaft, unaccompanied by his faithful attendant (for Snarleyyow remained coiled up on his master's bed), was meditating deeply how to gratify the two most powerful passions in our nature, love and revenge: at one moment thinking of the fat fair Vandersloosh, and of hauling in her guilders, at another reverting to the starved Smallbones and the comfort of a keel-hauling.

Why here, sir, the men washing the decks have found your carving-knife abaft, by the taffrail.

It was on the third morning after they sailed, that Vanslyperken walked the deck: there was no one but the man at the helm abaft.