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Baer (or Bär, from ) is the surname of:

  • Arthur "Bugs" Baer (1886–1969), American journalist and humorist
  • Buddy Baer (1915–1986), American boxer
  • Byron Baer (1929–2007), American politician
  • Clara Gregory Baer (1863–1938), inventor of Netball, Newcomb ball and author of first rules of women's basketball
  • Donald Baer (1931–2002), American Developmental Psychologist
  • Eric Baer, polymer researcher
  • George Baer, Jr. (1763–1834), American politician
  • George Frederick Baer (1842–1914), American lawyer and executive
  • Gregory S. Baer (born 1952), American lecturer and physician
  • Harold Baer, Jr. (1933–2014), American judge
  • Jack Baer (1914–2002), American college baseball coach
  • Jack Baer (art dealer), British art dealer.
  • John Baer (actor) (1923–2006) , American actor in Terry and the Pirates and other works
  • John Baer (journalist), American journalist at the Philadelphia Daily News
  • John Metz Baer, American professor of educational psychology
  • John Miller Baer (1886–1970), American congressman from North Dakota
  • John Willis Baer (1861–1931), American Presbyterian leader and college president
  • Julius Baer (1857–1922), Swiss banker
  • Karl Ernst von Baer (1792–1876), Estonian biologist
  • Kent Baer (born 1951), American football coach
  • Les Baer, founder of Les Baer Custom, Inc
  • Max Baer (boxer) (1909–1959), American boxer
  • Max Baer, Jr. (born 1937), American actor and director
  • Nicolai Reymers Baer, aka Ursus (c. 1550 – c. 1600), German mathematician
  • Susanne Baer (born 1964), German judge and legal scholar
  • Parley Baer (1914–2002), American actor
  • Ralph H. Baer (1922–2014), American inventor
  • Reinhold Baer (1902–1979), German mathematician
  • Richard Baer (Nazi) (1911–1963), German Nazi officer
  • Richard Baer (writer) (1928–2008), American screenwriter
  • Robert Baer (born 1952), former CIA officer and American writer
  • Steve Baer (born 1938), American inventor
  • Thomas M. Baer, American physicist
  • Will Christopher Baer (born 1966), American writer
  • William Jacob Baer (1860–1941), American painter
  • Yitzhak Baer (1888–1980), German-born Israeli historian

Usage examples of "baer".

Neufeld turned to Baer and said: 'I have a little task for you, Sergeant Baer.

Andrea flat in the snow now and with the icy rims of the binoculars clamped hard against his eyes, had no difficulty at all in making an immediate identification: Sergeant Baer, moon-faced, rotund and about seventy and overweight for his unimpressive height, had unmistakable physical presence which only the mentally incapacitated could easily forget.

As Mallory and his men had been, Neufeld, Droshny and Baer were momentarily caught and held by the weird and other-worldly dark grandeur of the spectacle below.

And, of course, knowing this in advance, they arranged for Sergeant Baer to come and free them.

Miller took them, unlocked and opened wide the cell door wordlessly and with a motion of his machine-pistol invited Neufeld, Droshny, Baer and the other soldiers to enter, waited until they had done so, swung shut the door, locked it and pocketed the key.

But Sergeant Baer didn't know you were expecting him - and even if he did he wouldn't be expecting to find keys so conveniently to hand.

Just brought it down from the attic and pushed it at me, saying 'Here, you're the history nut', or some such thing" Baer's phone was ringing, and he picked up the receiver, listened a moment, then said: "Call me back, hey?

The two of them had taken off early from work, Nancy leaving her own car in the Museum's lot, Baer growling: "Girl's getting married, people should expect her to take a lot of time off.

A thin, fortyish woman, whose half-tended graying brown hair made her look a decade older, came to the door in answer to Baer's buttonpush.

Stanton had closed her eyes, and Baer and Nancy had a chance to exchange glances.

When he and Nancy walked out again into the dimming evening, some fifteen minutes later, Baer roused himself from a preoccupied state to ask her whether she wanted to try phoning Dan.

After she had hung up, Nancy was silent until she got back into the car with Baer.

TWELVE Nancy's wristwatch indicated just three minutes after two, on Friday afternoon when Baer pulled his car up in front of the house on Benham Road.

The first think Baer did on getting out of the car was to squint about him at the lay of the land.

The thought of blood, which turned brown when it dried, crossed Baer's mind.