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adv. (misspelling of badly English)


Badley is a village and civil parish in Suffolk, England. It is located between Stowmarket and Needham Market, in the Mid Suffolk district. With an electorate of less than 100, it has an infrequent parish meeting rather than a parish council. The population is included in the town of Needham Market.

Badley (surname)

Badley is an English-language surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • John Badley (surgeon) (1783–1870), surgeon of Dudley, F.R.C.S. (original 300 Fellows) Medical pioneer
  • John Haden Badley (1865–1967) educator, founder (1893) and Headmaster (1893–1935) Bedales School

Usage examples of "badley".

The talkative lady is Miss Badley, who lives for seances, a jaded Society woman in search of new sensations -- always visible, always audible, and always empty.