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n. (plural of badge English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: badge)

Usage examples of "badges".

Two Miami policemen recently were busted for allegedly trying to sell guns and badges to drug dealers, while several others are being investigated for crimes including murder, robbery and, ironically, home invasions.

If we equip them with comm badges containing the universal translator, they will be able to understand any member of the crew or colony.

He reached into his jacket pocket and produced a handful of communicator badges, which he set reverently on the moist earth.

The weight of the badges makes the thin fabric of her dress sag around her ample bosom.

In the closes and crescents around his home, those badges on her clothes would mark her as an outsider.

She is breathing heavily, which makes the badges shift as her bosom heaves.

They call us on it, say you went in to make a delivery, they scanned your badges, you never come back out.

You must never open your front door to a gang of armed men wearing police badges, black Ray bans and rubber Ed Meese masks.

Miami officer awaits trial for allegedly offering to sell badges and guns to drug dealers.

Their only protection against five hundred enemy soldiers was the thin cloth of their uniforms and the shape of the badges they wore.