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Usage examples of "bact".

The corpse is a paradise of luminescent bacteria, anaerobic clostridia, penicilliumall working their own active, grimy little bodies into action, where they oxidize fat, break down protein and carbohydrates.

Bioengineered bacteria converted carbonaceous materials into hydrocarbon fuel for the shuttle engines.

Instead, the snakes themselves seemed to radiate a silvery glow, like the entrails of some phosphorescent deep-sea creature, radiant with bioluminous bacteria.

The tea is said to wipe out every virus and bacterium, except those multiplying in the tea itself.

And if you ask the bacteria busily reproducing there, they will tell you that it's paradise.

She hears everything: the murmuring of bacteria, directives by the Surgeon General.

Fumes, oil, and bacteria from motor-boats and human waste leaching into the water create new challenges that were never posed by bugs and plankton.

Mites and bacteria that have taken up residence inside the warm nostrils of the elephant seal.

You've got one hundred billion living cells in your brain, billions of yeasts, bacteria, and viruses crawling on your forehead.

Terrorists claiming responsibility for the introduction of a vicious runaway bacterium in the corn belt .

Luminescent bacteria, all working their grimy little bodies into action.

The bacteria use hydrogen sulfide gas from the decaying sludge as energy.

You have successfully transplanted genes from a bacterium into a plant cell.

And I have decided that you will cause just as much trouble with the excellent team at Sef as you would here, so you are going bact( to Blundell, MOVE!

Halfway between checking off a film tape for educating small children about bacteria control and reaching for the next film in the stack, she heard an annoyed snort, and the Treaty Controller swept away, holding the small document box.