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n. (plural of backup English)


Usage examples of "backups".

Edward had volunteered that we were on our way to the latest crime scene, and we'd meet his other two backups in Santa Fe.

Edward was very protective of his backups, and since I was one of them, I could appreciate the attitude.

I already had my cross, but I'd had crosses ripped off of my throat before, so I had backups.

I'd owe Edward another favor if I killed one of his backups just because he'd scared me.

But I didn't think he'd give a damn if one of his backups slept with them.

Sensory deprivation would make every second feel like a subjective hour, and the backups would keep the shellperson conscious until the last precious molecules of nutrient were gone.

Our duplicate backups are kept powered down and physically severed while any captured data is running.

No netlink, no backups, no editing—if you hurt yourself, you have to wait for your body to repair itself.

What I do know is someone just tried to kill me by stealth and without witnesses or the usual after-duel resurrection, which suggests that they want me offline while they find and tinker with my backups.

But there’s an enormous difference between the effects of a semiformal duel between consenting adults, with A-gate backups to make resurrection a minor headache, and cleaning up after a random act of senseless brutality in a Church parking lot.

Even more frightening is the fact that their last backups are locked up in the assembler firewall that isolates YFH-Polity from the outside world—while I’m not certain it’s infected with Curious Yellow, I have my suspicions.

The household assembler has been compromised by Curious Yellow, our backups willfully erased to make room for the wasps of tyranny, and, although I don’t know it yet, my life has been gracelessly cut loose from everything that gave it meaning.

They’ll have backups or multiples running live, but if we do everything fast, we can stop the instances in City Hall getting word out.

Something like this: If, out of target group A, B, C, and D, you find that you have failed to hit three targets on first and second salvoes, you reposition all group-one second backups so that you will be able to choose those three targets while distributing other second backups of that group for possible use on group two while repositioning third backups of supergroup Alpha such that?

The backups and secondary backups tried to engage, but they also overloaded.