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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bac \Bac\, n. [F. See Back a vat.]

  1. A broad, flat-bottomed ferryboat, usually worked by a rope.

  2. A vat or cistern. See 1st Back.


init. 1 (or blood alcohol content) 2 born-again Christian 3 4 (context medicine English) bronchioloalveolar carcinoma 5 (context biology English) 6 Bureau of Anti-Corruption


BAC or Bac may refer to:


' Báč' is a village and municipality in the Dunajská Streda District in the Trnava Region of south-west Slovakia.

Bač (name)

Bač (Бач), pronounced in English as Bach, was a historical Slavic personal name whose existence was documented in the Middle Ages. It is not certain whether the language of this name is Slavic, Paleo-Balkanic or Romanian.


Bač may refer to:

Usage examples of "bac".

They were now in a narrow side street not far from the Rue du Bac on the Left Bank.

The two of them entered the somewhat broader street that was Rue du Bac and here was the source of the sounds they had heard.

For ten days we have been in Paris, staying in a charming house in the Rue du Bac, prepared for us by the architect to whom Felipe intrusted the decoration of Chantepleurs.

Joyfully indeed are we preparing for our move to Chantepleurs, where we can rest from the comedy of the Rue de Bac and of the Paris drawing-rooms.

All that is choice, pretty, or decorative in my house in the Rue du Bac has been transported to the chalet.

When they reached the foot of the steep incline which led up to the old Bac mansion M.

And in the end, untried and unconvicted, he had died in that house in the Rue du Bac, and his estates continued free.

Rue du Bac in the very centre of the city, passes before the Palais Bourbon, crosses first the Esplanade des Invalides, and then the Champ de Mars, to end at the Boulevard de Grenelle, in the black factory region.

Infantry Brigade crossed River Lys at Sailly, and 17th Infantry Brigade at Bac St.

The fort had been built by the Japanese, then modernized by the French to guard the road between Cao Bang and Bac Kan farther to the South.

In no way did it compare with his garret on the rue du Bac, rented to him by an impoverished noblewoman who owned the entire hotel particulier below it.

Besides, I felt that I had not much time to lose, as I had promised to sup with Madame, d'Urfe on the first night of the year 1761 in a suite of rooms she had furnished for me in the Rue de Bac.

And those men who wer supposed to come last week to move the harpsichord dow from the attic--they arrived, but one of them sprained his bac so we had to shove it in the boxroom.

From here they looked down over the big, brightly-lit plant at the heart of BAC Space Division's Stevenage facility, where the Blue Streak tank bay and airframe structures were manufactured.