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alt. (plural of babbitt English) n. (plural of babbitt English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: babbitt)

Usage examples of "babbitts".

The Babbitts then visit the even more unhappily married Rieslings, where Babbitt bullies clever, bitter Zilla Riesling into letting Paul go with him.

The Babbitts, for their part, behave equally snobbishly to the lower-class Overbrooks.

The Babbitts invite the McKelveys to dinner only to discover that the McKelveys are not interested in having middle-class friends.

She considers herself superior to the middle-class Babbitts, preferring to entertain English aristocrats like Sir Gerald Doak.

He and his wife are prevented by class barriers from becoming the Babbitts' friends, just as those barriers prevent the Babbitts from becoming the McKelveys' friends.

It calls itself a land of equality, but the lines between social classes--between the rich McKelveys and the middle-class Babbitts, for example--are impossible to cross.

The middle-class Babbitts are denied friendship by the upper-class McKelveys.

And like the Babbitts' marriage, the Babbitts' house is more fake than genuine, designed more to impress than to be lived in.

Their squabble is an exaggerated version of arguments every family has but it makes you wonder if the younger Babbitts are any more intelligent than their parents.

Most people in Zenith would call the Babbitts' marriage a good one, but as Lewis describes it, we see it lacks any passion.

The Babbitts are planning a dinner party in celebration of a business deal that we know is slightly crooked.

The Babbitts try to convince Zilla that Paul is tired and deserves an early vacation in Maine.

They rally around the Babbitts in this time of need, bringing jelly, novels, and bed jackets to Mrs.

Early the next morning the Babbitts are horrified to find him sleeping with Eunice in his bedroom.

     Fame did not bring the social advancement which the Babbitts deserved.