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The house of Baban (1649–1850) ruled a Kurdish principality which encompassed areas of present-day Iraqi Kurdistan and western Iran from the early 17th century until 1850. The Baban principality played an active role in Ottoman-Persian conflict. The founder of the princely Baban family is thought to be Ahmad Faqih or Faqi Ahmad from the district of Pijder. The Babans claimed descent from a Frankish woman, Keghan, who was taken prisoner in a battle. According to the Sharafnama the clan's first chief was Pir Badak Babe, who is believed to have lived around 1500.

Baban princes retained some autonomy in return for providing security for the Ottoman Empire along the Iranian border. Sulaiman Beg was the first Baban prince to gain control of the province of Shahrizor and its capital, Kirkuk. He invaded Iran, defeating forces from the principality of Ardalan in 1694. Ottoman Sultan Mustafa II assigned him the district of Baban, which included the town of Kirkuk.

The city of Sulaimaniyah was founded by Baban prince Mahmud Pasha in 1781. Baban rulers encouraged cultural and literary activities in their domain. During the first half of the 19th century a school of poetry was established under Baban patronage, of which classical Kurdish poet Nali was the central figure.

Baban princes aided Ottoman forces in Iranian wars from 1723–1746. From 1750 to 1847, Baban history was dominated by rivalries with other Kurdish principalities (such as Soran and Bohtan) and its opposition to centralization by the Ottomans and the Qajars. The principality was destroyed during the mid-19th century Ottoman modernization period. The Baban revolt lasted for three years, but was defeated by a coalition of Ottoman forces and Kurdish tribes. Ahmed Pasha Baban, the last Baban ruler, was defeated near Koya in 1847 and the region of Shahrazur was annexed to the Ottoman Empire. The last Baban prince left Sulaimaniya in 1850, after fighting the Turks for the independence of southern Kurdistan.

Baban (disambiguation)

Baban was a Kurdish principality (1649–1850) in present-day Iraqi Kurdistan.

Baban can also refer to:

  • Baban, Iran, a village in Iran
  • Baban, Albania, a village in Albania

Baban is a primarily Kurdish surname. It is the surname of the following people:

  • Ahmad Mukhtar Baban (1900-1976), prime minister of Iraq
  • Ali Baban, Iraqi minister
  • Cihad Baban (1911-1984), Turkish journalist and parliamentary deputy
  • Gracián Babán (1620-1675), Spanish composer
  • József Babán (b. 1935), Hungarian ice hockey player
  • Marian Băban (b. 1976), Romanian sprint canoer
  • Serwan Baban (b. 1958), Kurdish professor and minister
  • Taha Baban, Kurdish writer and artist

Baban is the given name of:

  • Baban Singh, Nepali politician

Usage examples of "baban".

In the north, the Kurdish Baban Dynasty emerged and organized Kurdish resistance.

Mountain Lion up the valley of the Nile, until they came to el Baban, The Gates, and found the Saracen host drawn up for battle in the gut of the low sandy hills.