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n. One of the Ogoni languages of Nigeria.


Baan may refer to:

  • Baan Corporation, a Dutch vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, now owned by Infor Global Solutions
  • László Baán (born 1961), Hungarian economist and museum curator
  • Baan Baa, a village in New South Wales, Australia

Usage examples of "baan".

The men Baanes Onomagoulos had called up from the soldier-peasants of the countryside were all too plainly less soldier than peasant.

For Baanes Onomagoulos, Mavrikios Gavras was no distant omnipotent sovereign, but a fortunate equal, like a man who was lucky in love - and Scaurus thought of Helvis with a brief, warm glow.

The contingent Gagik Bagratouni had gathered to reinforce Mavrikios was not as large as the one under Baanes Onomagoulos, but it was, Marcus soon decided, made up of better men.

Unlike Baanes Onomagoulos at Garsavra, Bagratouni dismounted and performed a full proskynesis before the Emperor, followed by everyone accompanying him.

Without further preamble, the Emperor declared, "Baanes Onomagoulos has run into a nestful of Yezda a bit this side of Maragha.

Thorisin, having gained the council's attention, went on, "I would think three times before I set our whole army thundering to Baanes Onomagoulos' rescue because of his first reports of trouble.

He snapped, "Were it Khoumnos or Bagratouni out there, Thorisin, instead of Baanes, would you be counseling prudence?

The next morning passed in anticipation, with the imperial forces in Khliat wondering whether Baanes Onomagoulos had managed to wriggle free of the Yezda trap.

The islanders' powerful charge sent the lighter-armed enemy scattering in dismay and let the survivors of Baanes' division rejoin their comrades.