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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Baa \Baa\ (b[aum]), v. i. [Cf. G. b["a]en; an imitative word.] To cry baa, or bleat as a sheep.

He treble baas for help, but none can get.
--Sir P. Sidney.


Baa \Baa\ (b[aum]), n.; pl. Baas (b[aum]z). [Cf. G. b["a].] The cry or bleating of a sheep; a bleat.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

imitative sound of a sheep, attested from 1580s, but probably older, as baa is recorded before this a name for a child's toy sheep. Compare Latin bee "sound made by a sheep" (Varro), balare "to bleat;" Greek blekhe "a bleating;" Catalan be "a sheep."


interj. (context onomatopoeia English) (non-gloss definition: The characteristic cry of a sheep.) n. 1 (context onomatopoeia English) The characteristic cry or bleating of a sheep. 2 The letter пе in the Arabic script. vb. To make the characteristic cry of a sheep.


n : the cry made by sheep


v : cry plaintively; "The lambs were bleating" [syn: bleat, blate, blat]


BAA or Baa may refer to:

Usage examples of "baa".

Two storms, Baas, not one, and when they meet they will begin to fight and there will be plenty of spears flying about in the sky, and then both those clouds will weep rain or perhaps hail.

Fried caterpillars are not bad, Baas, nor are locusts when you can get nothing else.

The ants that run about the ground do the same thing, Baas, that their children may have food when they are dead.

Now would the Baas like to go back to bed, as I think wisest, and return to-morrow?

Meanwhile, the Baas had better take off his boots, since the feet of those Bushmen whose spooks I feel all about me have made the ledge very slippery.

They must have done this quite often, Baas, since there are such a lot of their skulls down there, many of them quite black with age and turned to stone.

Also, if any did escape, in a generation or two all was forgotten, and the same thing happened again because, Baas, there are always plenty of fools in the world and the fool who comes after is just as big as the fool who went before.

Death spills the water of wisdom upon the sand, Baas, and sand is thirsty stuff that soon grows dry again.

If it were not so, Baas, men would soon stop falling in love with women, and yet even great ones--like you, Baas--fall in love.

I have a gimlet and some nails in my pistol pocket, Baas, that I was using this morning to mend that box of yours.

I do, Baas, and what is more, I believe that we shall visit them, because Zikali means that we should, and who is there that can fight against the will of the Opener-of-Roads?

Make my son, the Baas Allan, count them, for then he will not be able to grumble at you if things turn out badly whether you go or whether you stay behind, and say that you counted wrong or cheated.

And now, Baas, I have had enough of this, and should like to return to our outspan and examine those new oxen.

Baas, I thought that the Baas would say that because of his foolishness.

However, the Baas has settled that we must save the lady and give her to the Lump of Wood for a wife.