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n. paper size defined by as 250mm × 353mm or 9.8 in × 13.9 in. prep. (context messaging English) (abbreviation of before English)


B4, B04, B.IV or B-4 may refer to:

B4 (TV series)

B4 was an early morning music video programme on Channel 4, formerly shown weekday mornings at 7:00am. It was normally broadcast as part of Channel 4's breakfast programming following children's programmes and preceding a number of comedy programmes from America. Produced by the firm behind ITVs The Chart Show, and spin off from their B4 music channel on cable and satellite, the show features around 7 new upfront videos each day that will be released in the United Kingdom in the near future, normally within the next month.

B4 (classification)

B4 is a blind sport classification used in a variety of sports including sailing, bowls, swimming, and cycling. Unlike other blind sport classes, it only uses visual acuity for the purpose of being classed into it.