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init. bed and breakfast (''guesthouse'')


B&B may refer to:

  • Bed and breakfast, a type of accommodation for travellers
  • B&B (TV series), an English children's television series
  • The B&B, an EastEnders spin-off
  • B-And-B, a 1968 British sitcom
  • B&B: Bella y Bestia, an Argentine sitcom
  • B&B Theatres, a midwest cinema chain
  • Beavis and Butt-head, an animated television series
  • The Bold and the Beautiful, an American soap opera
  • Bradford & Bingley, a former British bank, now in public ownership
  • Branch and bound, a search algorithm
  • Bunnies & Burrows, a role-playing game
  • B and B, a cocktail blend of Bénédictine and Brandy
B&B (TV series)

B&B was a single series British television children's programme, broadcast in 1992, following the lives of a father and daughter and their struggle to make their newly established bed and breakfast business work.

Produced by Thames Television, the show was originally broadcast on CITV and starred Kevin Whately, better known for his performance as Lewis in Inspector Morse, and the Scottish actress Katy Murphy.

Usage examples of "b&b".

A and B teams for Both Boys and Girls, Both singles and douBles, in 14 and Unders, 16 and Unders, 18 and Unders.

A and B airspace are typically for the large passenger airline jets, which need constant radio supervision from the various ground controllers.

As there is a rather large population Below, and not many Class B, C, and D airports or military Bases to cause interference, I Believe this is a good time to expose Ha-Ta further.

Park Street station and then the maddening Green Line B Train forever west on Comm.

Cust committed three of the crimesthe A, C and D crimeshe did not commit the B crime.

A and B respectively and who lived at places also Beginning with those same letters.

After his recovery he manages to get a hospital appointment, But at the outBreak of war he is Brought Before a triBunal and put in the B class of aliens.

Entry forBidden to this section to all But B sixteen cleared personnel.

Red Line all the way to Park Street station and then the maddening Green Line B Train forever west on Comm.

A and B teams and was always against some foreign junior squad, to give the whole Fundraising affair a patriotic kicker.

SuBdorm B, Enfield Tennis Academy, where James AlBrecht Lockley Struck Jr.

Andover is the 155th name under A, then the B crime should Be the 155th alsoor it should Be the 156th and the C the 157th.

WAS CLOSE to B in amBer when Ryan and Jak finally arrived safely Back at the dormitory.

Pulling her coat collar out from under the weight of her backpack and hunkering down into its dubious shelter, she followed her feet along King Street toward the university, where a vague memory suggested there were guest houses and B&Bs hollowed out of the huge old mansions along the lake.