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Azur may refer to:

  • Azur, Landes, France
  • Azur (satellite), Germany's first scientific satellite
  • Azur Air, a charter airline and former regional airline in Russia
  • MS Royal Iris, formerly named MS Azur and MS The Azur
  • Azor, Israel, also called "Azur"
  • Azor, son of Eliakim, mentioned briefly in the Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:13-14
  • Azour, Lebanon

AZUR may refer to:

  • AZUR (software), a chromatography software
  • Actions en zone urbaine (French, Urban Operations)
  • MPM-10, the newest model of train to be used in the Montreal Metro
Azur (satellite)

Azur was West Germany's first scientific satellite. Launched on 8 November 1969 it studied the Van Allen belts, solar particles, and aurorae.