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a. 1 azote, nitrogen 2 Applied loosely to compounds having nitrogen variously combined, as in cyanides, nitrates, etc. 3 Now especially applied to compounds containing a two atom nitrogen group (-N=N-) uniting two hydrocarbon radicals, as in azobenzene etc.


adj. relating to or containing the azo radical


Azo or AZO may refer to:

  • Azo compound, a chemistry functional group and class of compounds
  • A urinary tract analgesic also known as phenazopyridine
  • Azo of Bologna, a medieval Italian jurist
  • Azo of Iberia, a Georgian ruler
  • An identification code for Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, an airport in Michigan
  • Aluminium-doped zinc oxide, a transparent conducting film
  • Alpha Zeta Omega, a pharmaceutical fraternity
  • The NYSE ticker symbol for AutoZone

Usage examples of "azo".

Another division of the group includes a few colouring matters of recent introduction, like Azo green, Alizarine yellow, Galloflavine, Anthracene yellow, FlavAzol, etc.

Gambine, Dinitroso-resorcine, Alizarine Green, Brilliant Green, Malachite Green, Azo Green, Fast Green, Naphthol Green, Acid Green, Diamine Green, Benzo Green almost exhaust the list.

This method is applicable to the large group of azo dye-stuffs derived from coal tar, and also to the acid dyes prepared from the basic coal-tar colours by the process of sulphonation.

The sulpho-acids of the azo colours, of the basic dyes, and of indigo are usually insoluble in water, although there are great differences in their properties in this respect.