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Aziziye is a municipality and governed district in Greater Erzurum, Turkey. Erzurum is one of 30 metropolitan centers in Turkey having more than one municipality within its city borders. Erzurum has three second-level municipalities within the city in addition to the municipality of Greater Erzurum (büyükşehir). Aziziye lies in the western part of Erzurum at . The population of the district center was 41,069as of 2013. Erzurum was declared a metropolitan center in 1993. The municipality of Aziziye was established in 1993 by merging Ilıca and Dadaşkent. The corresponding district governorate was established in 2008. The district center is famous for thermal springs (39.4C)

Aziziye (disambiguation)

Aziziye, Azizia or Aziziyah (ʿAzīziyye) are place names in Turkish and Arabic. It may refer to: