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Azimut (Alice album)

Azimut is the fifth studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Alice, released in 1982 on EMI Music.

Singles released from the album include "Messaggio" (1982), "A cosa pensano" (1982) and "Chan-son Egocentrique" (1983), the latter a duet with Franco Battiato. The track "Messaggio" was co-written by Battiato under one of his pseudonyms, "Albert Kui". The closing track "Laura degli specchi" ("Laura With The Mirrors") was written by singer-songwriter Eugenio Finardi, whose "Le ragazze di Osaka" Alice would later cover on her 1989 album Il sole nella pioggia.

An alternate version of the track "La Mano" appears on the 1987 album Elisir. Re-recorded versions of both "A cosa pensano" and "Chan-son Egocentrique" were included in the 2000 career retrospective Personal Jukebox.

Azimut (Perigeo album)

Azimut is the debut album by Italian progressive rock band Perigeo.


Azimut may refer to:

  • Azimut Holding, an Italian asset management company
  • Azimut Hotels, a Russian hotel management company
  • Azimut Yachts, an Italian yacht-manufacturing company
  • Azimut (Alice album), 1982
  • Azimut (Perigeo album), 1972