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Azabs (, modern TurkishAzap, from Arabic, meaning bachelor) also known as Asappes or Asappi, were irregular light infantry of the Ottoman Army.

The Azaps were also known as "the bachelors", they were volunteers who were paid only during campaigns and had the freedom to leave the army whenever they wanted. The Azaps were initially only Anatolian Turks, though by the late 16th century any Muslim from an Ottoman province could enlist as an Azap. The main role of Azaps was fighting as infantry archers, although they were often mounted as well. In addition to jobs in the military many also had jobs as guards.

As volunteers the Azaps had a wide range of weaponry. These include pole arms, such as the tirpan and harba as well as balta (halberd). In addition to pole arms they were armed with a variety of maces, bows, sabers and to a rarer extent crossbows. Later on guns were adopted instead.