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n. 1 (context inorganic compound uncountable English) ammonia, NH3.Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry. IUPAC Recommendations 2005. Connelly, Neil G. (ed.), Damhus, Ture (ed.) Hartshorn, R.M. and Hutton, A.T. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005 [ISBN 0 85404 438 8] 2 (context inorganic chemistry English) Any saturated hydride of nitrogen having a general formula NnHn+2 such as hydrazine.


Azanes are saturated hydronitrogens, which means that they consist only of hydrogen and nitrogen atoms and all bonds are single bonds. By definition, cycles are excluded, so that the azanes comprise a homologous series of inorganic compounds with the general chemical formula .

Each nitrogen atom has three bonds (either N-H or N-N bonds), and each hydrogen atom is joined to a nitrogen atom (H-N bonds). A series of linked nitrogen atoms is known as the nitrogen skeleton or nitrogen backbone. The number of nitrogen atoms is used to define the size of the azane (e.g. N-azane).

The simplest possible azane (the parent molecule) is ammonia, . There is no limit to the number of nitrogen atoms that can be linked together, the only limitation being that the molecule is acyclic, is saturated, and is a hydronitrogen.

Azanes are reactive and have significant biological activity. Azanes can be viewed as a more biologically active or reactive portion ( functional groups) of the molecule, which can be hung upon molecular trees.