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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Azalea \A*za"le*a\ (?; 97), n.; pl. Azaleas. [NL., fr. Gr. ? dry, -- so called because supposed to grow best in dry ground.] (Bot.) A genus of showy flowering shrubs, mostly natives of China or of North America; false honeysuckle. The genus is scarcely distinct from Rhododendron.


n. (plural of azalea English)

Usage examples of "azaleas".

There were rocks with heliotrope pouring over them and flowers peeping behind them, and great azaleas all in triumphant bloom, and ropes of flowering creepers coming down from trees, and oleanders, and a plant named popularly Joy of the South, and small paths went along it edged with shells brought from the far sea.

     There was only one street in the village, and you did not go far among the great azaleas before you lost sight of the gables.

She too had azaleas and oleanders, but they stood more solitary in their greater garden than those that grew in the garden of Dona Mirana.

Yet looking from the long and narrow garden at the back of that house in Lowlight to the wider garden that sweeps round the world, and is fenced by Space from the garden in Venus and by Space from the garden in Mars, you scarce saw any difference or noticed where they met: the solitary azaleas beyond were gathered together by distance, and from Lowlight to the horizon seemed all one garden in bloom.

And evening stealing in from the wild places, from darkening azaleas upon distant hills, still found them in the garden, found Rodriguez singing in idleness undisguised, or anxiously helping in some trivial task, tying up some tendril that had gone awry, helping some magnolia that the wind had wounded.

     And then Serafina said, as he walked all heavy with silence past a curving slope of dimly glowing azaleas, "You like flowers, senor?

Almost their eyes seemed to search amongst the azaleas for the romance of that other evening.

And walking there they forgot the need of house or land, forgot Shadow Valley with its hopes and its doubts, and all the anxieties of the thoughts that we take for the morrow: and when evening came and the birds sang in azaleas, and the shadows grew solemn and long, and winds blew cool from the blazing bed of the Sun, into the garden now all strange and still, they forgot our Earth and, beyond the mundane coasts, drifted on dreams of their own into aureate regions of twilight, to wander in lands wherein lovers walk briefly and only once.

And he would read Dickens all day long in some cool library where the books went to the ceiling and the blood-red azaleas drowsed beyond the porch railings.

They were going to lose the banana trees and he hated it, but the beautiful camellias and azaleas were holding their own.

There had been a bitter freeze again right after Christmas, and several inundating rains, but the weather was now like spring, and the pink and red azaleas were blooming all over the property.

I whirled just in time to avoid the stony embrace of another figure, which had moved out of the azaleas that shrouded its hoofed feet.

SPREADING ACROSS HALF the roadway was a tumbling mass of brilliant azaleas, a rainbow of brightness, dazzling in the dullness of the morning.

The flowering shrubs that once bad been carefully tended now ran wild, with azaleas and bougainvillea rampant, clear across the circular drive and parking spaces, flooding into the railed swimming pool with its turquoise slide.

The ornamental garden on the south terrace was overgrown in a strangely symmetrical waythe azaleas and junipers bursting from the edges, and lengths of red-leafed vines spilling into the pool.