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n. (surname: English)


Ayrton is a given name and surname. Notable people with the name include:

Usage examples of "ayrton".

At his shout two or three pirates awoke, jumped up, and, rushing on Ayrton, endeavored to throw him down.

The next day Ayrton awoke from his torpor, and his companions cordially manifested all the joy they felt, on seeing him again, almost safe and sound, after a hundred and four days separation.

Ayrton and Pencroft were able to fasten the masts and spars by means of ropes, the ends of which were carried to the beach.

In a few moments Harding and Herbert on one side, the reporter and Neb on the other, had disappeared behind the rocks, and five minutes later Ayrton and Pencroft, having without difficulty crossed the channel, disembarked on the islet and concealed themselves in the clefts of its eastern shore.

In a few minutes, the settlers re-entered the house, where their influence soon restored to Ayrton his moral and physical energy.

Even if, when their vessel should be completed, the colonists should not resolve to leave Lincoln Island as yet, in order to gain either one of the Polynesian Archipelagoes of the Pacific or the shores of New Zealand, they might at least, sooner or later, proceed to Tabor Island, to leave there the notice relating to Ayrton.

Ayrton goaded on his team, and after a journey of thirty-five miles, the bullocks arrived, somewhat fatigued.

They were obliged to help to push round the wheels of the heavy vehicle, and to support it frequently in dangerous declivities, to unhar-ness the bullocks when the team could not go well round sharp turnings, prop up the wagon when it threatened to roll back, and more than once Ayrton had to reinforce his bullocks by harnessing the horses, although they were tired out already with dragging themselves along.

Ayrton was astonished not to discover the horses and bullocks where he had left them the preceding night.

Ayrton removed the hobbles from the bullock and Mulrady from the horse, and they began to return to the encampment, following the winding margin of the river.

John Mangles, however, was soon convinced when he heard Ayrton speak to the young girl about her father.

The requisite precautions were taken for the night, and Ayrton, Mulrady, Wilson and John Mangles undertook in turn to keep watch until sunrise.

Mulrady, Ayrton and Mangles went several times to ascertain the height of the water, and came back dripping from head to foot.

Glenarvan, his two sailors, John Mangles, and Ayrton went off at once into the wood, where the animals had passed the night.

John Mangles made this one last objection, that the presence of Ayrton was necessary to discover traces of the BRITANNIA or Harry Grant.