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He lived in an old stilt house on the shallow tidal flats of Biscayne Bay, a mile from the tip of Cape Florida.

The subdivision was nowhere near the ocean but fronted a series of man-made canals that emptied into Biscayne Bay.

Teeth were the trademark of the Great Barracuda, and the monster specimen that Mick Stranahan called Liza had once left thirteen needle-sharp incisors in a large plastic mullet that some moron had trolled through the Biscayne Channel.

He handed Chloe a plastic map of Biscayne Bay with the pertinent channel markers circled in red ink.

Three days had passed, and Flemm had scarcely been able to peek out the door of his Key Biscayne hotel room.

Pointing out the picture window toward Biscayne Bay, the old woman had blubbered in terror, her huge misshapen lips slapping together in wet percussion.

She had moved from Key Biscayne over to the Grove, to be closer to Mercy Hospital.

Rudy Graveline lived in a palatial three-story house on northern Biscayne Bay.

Most significantly, a partial thumb-print lifted from the blade of the knife was identified as belonging to one Blondell Wayne Tatum, age thirty-eight, six foot nine, one hundred eighty-one pounds.

Under ceramic skies, Biscayne Bay unfolded in a dozen shifting hues of blue.

They had a deck table facing the ocean at an outdoor bar, not far from the Sonesta on Key Biscayne.

Blondell Wayne Tatum was one of several teenaged Amish youths who were photographed while playing catch with a small pumpkin.

Of the group, Blondell Wayne Tatum was the only one wearing a brand-new Rawlings outfielder’s mitt.

On the back of Murdock’s copy Garcia had printed the name Blondell Wayne Tatum, the AKA, and the date of birth.

He had spent the better part of the afternoon trying to memorize them before calling it quits and heading over to Biscayne Baby for some action.