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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ayle \Ayle\, n. [OE. ayel, aiel, OF. aiol, aiel, F. a["i]eul, a dim. of L. avus grandfather.] A grandfather. [Obs.]

Writ of Ayle, an ancient English writ which lay against a stranger who had dispossessed the demandant of land of which his grandfather died seized.


n. (context obsolete English) A grandfather.


Ayle is a village in Northumberland, England, situated to the north of Alston. There are six residences in the hamlet.

Usage examples of "ayle".

As he picked hurriedly towards the hatch again, two Biter men, Tom Hugg and Silas Ayling, emerged from between some cargo stacks, their faces beaming, while behind them came three bloodied seamen and behind them in their turn Tennison and Mann, who had a pistol, cocked and dangerous in such a space.