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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ayen \A*yen"\, Ayein \A*yein"\, Ayeins \A*yeins"\, adv. & prep. Again; back against. [Obs.]


adv. again; back against. alt. again; back against. prep. again; back against.


Ayen is a French commune in the Corrèze department in the Limousin region of central France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Ayennois or Ayennoises.

The commune has been awarded two flowers by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom in the Competition of cities and villages in Bloom.

Usage examples of "ayen".

These men who are even now spreading their lies among the Aldabreshi are of the same race as those who attacked and defeated the Kel Ar’Ayen settlements with savagery, madness and death by sorcery.

Ryshad’s testimony shows the extent of Elietimm interest in these artifacts from Kel Ar’Ayen, even more than my own experiences.

Do we take what knowledge we have and try to rescue the settlers of Kel Ar’Ayen, or do we do nothing, simply continuing our researches despite the Elietimm threat?

I had done my duty by my patron, the wizards and the lost colonists of Kel Ar’Ayen, I decided.

He had already crossed the ocean to Kel Ar'Ayen before the final, crucial years of Nemith's reign and had long been rendered insensible by enchantment before the most violent period of warfare between the Houses of Aleonne and Modrical.

We need not concern ourselves with boasts from Vanam that their mentors' links with Planir's expeditions to Kel Ar'Ayen give their scholars unassailable superiority in such studies.

Those vital tokens had been sent back to Toremal to summon aid but the few who escaped the destruction of Kel Ar'Ayen found their Empire in the toils of anarchy.

Stocky, weather-beaten and with manners as ill made as his much-broken nose, he had come to Kel Ar'Ayen as one the original venturers and sailed on the first explorations of the continent's coasts with the long-dead Master Grethist.

If he hadn't sailed for Kel Ar'Ayen, bold and foolish, he'd have been there to comfort his grandsire on his deathbed.

It was only then I realised I'd taken the insane risk of using the ancient Kel Ar'Ayen blade I carried.

I am not surprised that Nemith the Last looked askance at such radical aspirations for the Kel Ar'Ayen colony but perhaps the time has come for Temar to realise something of these wishes.

Rousseau to madame du Barry--The two duchesses d'Aiguillon       CHAPTER XXIX       The king's friends--The duc de Fronsac--The duc d'Ayen's remark-- Manner of living at court--The marquis de Dreux--Brézé--Education of Louis XV--The Parc-aux-Cerfs--Its household--Its inmates-- Mère Bompart--Livres expended on the Parc-aur-Cerfs-- Good advice--Madame       CHAPTER XXX       Fête given by the comtesse de Valentinois--The comtesse du Barry feigns an indisposition--Her dress--The duc de Cossé--The comte and comtesse de Provence--Dramatic entertainment--Favart and Voisenon--A few observations--A pension--The maréchale de Luxembourg--Adventure of M.

The company upon this evening was different from that of the former occasion, consisting of the duc de Duras, first gentleman of the bedchamber, and the duc d'Ayen, who had the reputation of being a great wit.

The duc de Duras spoke as little as possible, in the dread of making some unlucky speech, and the duc d'Ayen sat devouring the spleen he could not give vent to, and meditating fresh objects upon whom to exercise his malignity.

      When the duc d'Ayen quitted the room, 'That nobleman is by no means to my taste," said I to the king, "he has the air of a spy, who wishes me no good.