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When that point was reached, most cultures expanded rapidly into the galaxy, although there were always a few stay-at-homes who preferred to colonise only their own solar systems, or sometimes even just their own circum-planetary environments.

I'd say that in Nagorny's imagination Sun Stealer represented somebody in his day-to-day experience, and I see two obvious possibilities.

Khouri's suit automatically jumped to a higher, more hair-trigger level of battle readiness, indices on the display changing to indicate that their respective subordinated weapons systems were set to go off without her conscious say-so if her suit were similarly threatened.

He had made two Borlienian slaves dig up the three-day-old corpse and skin it.

Although slaves twitched in the dreams of dimday-sleep, some of the free were still about on this occasion.

As time passed, and another year—the fateful year of 26 in the new calendar—dawned, and Aoz Roon’s absence grew to over half a year, the two lieutenants ran affairs on a day-to-day basis.

Dathka ordered them abruptly to be quiet, and said, “A day-long eclipse?

Amber bunting had been hung along the metal stay-lines that supported the tapering arms protruding from the city's towering commercial core.

At most, he was introducing me to a body of knowledge I could draw from, like the writings of Joseph Campbell or the teaching of the Buddha or the lyrics of Jay-Z.

She snatched a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from the top of my dresser and put them on.

For seven days Ay-mad tried to take it, but all his warriors could do was to beat futilely upon the great wooden gates while the defending warriors dropped heavy stones on their heads.

After this formality, which took a matter of some hours, was completed, Ay-mad publicly acknowledged that the success of his operations against Morbus was due to me.

I had to be careful that no one saw me enter the storeroom that led to her hiding place, for I did not want Ay-mad ever to discover that I had known all along where she was hidden.

Janai and I had decided that she should remain where she was for a few days so that Ay-mad's suspicions would not be aroused by my finding her too easily.

That was what I feared now as Sytor, Janai, and I stood before Ay-mad.