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Crossword clues for axles


n. (plural of axle English)

Usage examples of "axles".

At the moment, all he could make out was a mass of mud-covered soldiers scrambling, slipping, knotting ropes and shouting inaudibly to each other, and at least three wagons buried to their axles on what had once been the road but had since turned into a river of mud.

Four new axles were emplaced between the fore and aft pairs of duralloy runners beneath the motionless icerigger.

Only the two fore axles completely cleared the gap before the bow began to settle surfaceward again, but it was enough.

They were expected to return with shipwrights, cranes and tools to aid in removing the wheels and axles and to help speed the installation of the five massive duralloy skates.

She could almost hear the gears turning in her mind, great wooden ones, with rusty axles, grinding closer and closer to culmination until the creaky approach dissolved in a burst of light.