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I myself faced a Dane, a man with a scar on his cheek like a fork for the snaring of hares, and an ax-haft dyed red and what I took for the emblem of the new faith on his black shield.

All-healer was the wax-green plant that grew not from the ground but magickally on the sacred oaks in Eirrin, and in Gaul, and in Britain, and put forth its pure white berries: an t’uil!

A whirring ax-blade rushed past his head, while he slammed the haft of what had been Ruadan’s ax into the shield-arm of the Viking.

Before the Dane could swing his weapon into line, a truncated ax-haft struck his shield and then his arm.

It struck the floor and bounded, just a little, onto the buskined foot of the ax-wielding Dane.

His hurried swing of his makeshift stave at the attacker was well caught on oval shield, even as Cormac blunted the ax-swing of a second foe on his own buckler.

There had been a lake of blood, and Cormac had retrieved his sax-knife from the monster’s mouth.

He knew the mighty ax-swing that must be arrested by the arm that guided it, knew the almost inevitable looping backswing, lower, curving upward, during which the outsized man covered himself with heavy buckler.

A blur of silvery steel, that brand flicked away to spoil, with its flickering serpentine readiness and speed, the short ax-cut Wulfhere made.

A bear-like stroke tore through the edge of Osbrit’s shield and down so that ax-edge rang on iron boss.

Cormac thrust the big Meathish ax-man through the belly and was looking about him ere he’d given his blade a twist and yanked it free.

Above all, do not lose hold of the ax-- see, there is a thong tied to its handle, twist it doubly round your wrist thus and it will not come off.

Now that I am chief, he to whom I owe so much, he the Wise and the Ax-Giver, will be my counsellor.

A mighty man he was in his robe of tigerskin and gripping the heavy ax--so mighty that their hearts turned to water and their knees shook.

He hurried down the road, crossed Scalp Creek and came in sight of the first settler's cabin - a long, low structure of ax-hewn logs.