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ax head

n. the cutting head of an ax [syn: axe head]

Usage examples of "ax head".

The shallow disguise of foil could not hide the gleam of the ax head, not brilliant as from sunlight on the burnished metal, but as if the weapon had, for an instant, held fire in its substance.

Rings gleamed on those claw fingers resting on ax head and ax haft.

Now he slapped a parchment map down beside the ax head still dividing the severed gauntlet.

He slid the ax head out of its leather case to see that all was well, then put it back in.

It was as if someone had put this ax head and its handle into the grip of a living liana, and then waited until the plant had grasped the artifacts, binding them more tightly together than any fingers could manage.

The coal glowed deep red as she gently, almost lovingly let her ax head fall, soft as a floating leaf.

Brox growled and met the first riders with the flat of his ax head.

Supporting the ax with the upper knee of my left leg, I set the belay rope slack and feed it around the shaft of the ax with one hand in a round turn, low on the ax shaft, while holding onto the ax head with my other hand.