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ax handle

n. the handle of an ax [syn: axe handle]

Usage examples of "ax handle".

Eilir winced-inwardly, this time-at the memory of her mother standing incredulous in the flame-shot darkness, the hickory ax handle in her hand and the dead ganger at her feet.

The fellow has already been struck with a thrust of the ax handle, to the back of the neck.

She stomped the ax handle, freeing the point by popping up a divot of the stickie's skull.

Instead, he had the presence of mind to let go of the ax and drop to his knees, quickly balancing the kettle lid between the tree trunk, his head, and the top of the ax handle.

The ax handle protruded from its chest, and the frozen blood shone red, red, red, over the black parka.

Marko turned his horse again and found himself directly in front of Zaki Riadhi just as his groping fingers got a grip on his ax handle.

He reached up with one powerful hand and caught the ax handle perfectly.

He sat on the chopping block, a handful of square-headed nails on the ground beside him, carefully driving them one at a time into the end of the ax handle with a small mallet.

While Lugh paused to knock aside the flying weapon, Bres seized the ax handle in both hands and, with a massive effort, wrenched it free.

After all, these guys are man-mountains and Thane's got that ax handle of a body!

He felt dizzy for a minute, then a sharp pain commenced in his back, shoulders, and buttocks, as if somebody had beaten him across them with an ax handle.

The dwarf released her hold on the ax handle, tumbled to the ground.