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Crossword clues for awnings


n. (plural of awning English)

Usage examples of "awnings".

Lord Wichman, Lord Druthmar, and the other nobles watched from beneath the shaded luxury of spacious awnings, lounging at their ease while they sipped wine and played chess and listened to one of their number playing a lute.

Between them were benches, under awnings, and it was possible to sit and look out over the round domes of the inner city to the harbour.

Ruric stood under one of the awnings that shaded both steps and Square.

Under the awnings, the crowd was at first glance a blur of colour: green, scarlet, blue, gold, white and earth-brown.

There were market stalls set out under becamil awnings round the telestre walls.

Most of the upper level was unroofed, or covered only by tents and awnings, but in a few places the upper tier, too, was partially enclosed by more substantial structures.

Most of the wagons were closed, their shutters latched and doors barred, awnings and banners furled and stowed.

The two-man crews walked about or lounged between the canvas awnings that sheltered each emplacement.