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When he was able to make out details, he saw the pallet waiting for him beneath the awning that protected the saddle and harness.

All that mattered was that after a moment that seemed to last a year, the dragon sighed, heaved himself out of the wallow with a groan, ducking his head to avoid the canvas awning, and stepped up onto the stone verge.

Kashet, and had left it under the awning where Vetch kept his few belongings.

Instead, he and his companions camped on the deck, sleeping on raffia mats under a canvas awning that slanted steeply from the rail of the quarterdeck to a cleat by the cargo well.

They sat on rolled raffia mats under the awning, their faces lit by a single candle which flickered in a resin holder.

The boy squatted in front of his master in the shade of the awning and watched him eat with a tender anxiety.

Oncus sat cross-legged on the main deck under the awning, between Yama and Captain Lorquital, who lay on her side, propped by bolsters and puffing calmly on her pipe.

Pandaras, sitting bare-chested and cross-legged in the shade of the awning at the far end of the main deck, looked up from the embroidery work he was doing on the collar of his shirt.

In front of them, on a single pillow at the edge of the awning, half under the awning, half out under the open sky, sat the man on whom all attention was fixed.

After a moment, Veselov rose and walked out the side of the awning and around to the semicircle.

Charles nodded, he stepped under the awning, leaving his attendants behind.

Bakhtiian halted five paces outside the awning of the tent and inclined his head toward Charles Soerensen.

Cara helped him lift her up and steer her out from under the awning and into the covering darkness between the two large tents.

Now, waiting, the pillows were empty, except for a single figure sitting under the center of the awning, writing painstakingly in a book.

He halted at the edge of the carpet, not quite under the awning, waiting to be invited in.