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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aam \Aam\ ([add]m or [aum]m), n. [D. aam, fr. LL. ama; cf. L. hama a water bucket, Gr. ?] A Dutch and German measure of liquids, varying in different cities, being at Amsterdam about 41 wine gallons, at Antwerp 361/2, at Hamburg 383/4. [Written also Aum and Awm.] [1913 Webster] ||


Awm \Awm\ ([add]m), n. See Aam.


alt. (context obsolete English) A unit of measurement for forty gallons of wine. n. (context obsolete English) A unit of measurement for forty gallons of wine.


AWM may refer to:

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  • Afghan Women's Mission, an American humanitarian organization working with the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
  • Angry White Male
  • Apostolic Women's Ministries, an organization that serves the women of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost
  • Appliance Wiring Material, a category of certifications provided by UL (safety organization)
  • Arab World Ministries, one of the Protestant mission societies in Africa
  • Archie's Weird Mysteries, a children's television show
  • Arctic Warfare Magnum, a British-made sniper rifle
  • Ardent Window Manager, an early window manager for the X Window System
  • Ashwell and Morden railway station, United Kingdom National Rail code AWM
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Atlantis World Media: The Parent Company of Atlantis Cable News (ACN), the fictional news channel on the American HBO drama television series The Newsroom

Usage examples of "awm".

If mi mates ivver tempt me an get me to rooam, Aw sup pop when awm aght an sup whisky at hooam.

awm his mam,-- That aw am, But awm ommost worn aght, A gooid lick Wi a stick, He just cares nowt abaght.

For awm nooan badly off nah awm sure, For awve plenty to ait an to sup.

Awst be better when spring comes, aw think, But aw feel varry sickly an waik, Awve noa relish for mait nor for drink, An awm ommost too weary to laik.

Towards warkin aw dooant mich incline, An awm ommost too lazy to think.

An awm thankful sich hard times as thease If aw manage to pay what aw owe.

Aw hate all meean hard graspin slaves, who mak ther gold ther god,-- For if they could grab all ther is, awm pratty sewer they wod.

For mi future, one hope sheds its ray, An awm driftin along varry fast, To that day.

If yo wonder who aw am, Well, mi name is Happy Sam, Awm a member ov the multitude who labor.

Its for what us poor fowk wor invented,-- But awm blowed if aw think at its reight.