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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1837, from a- (1) + whirl (v.).


a. whirling

Usage examples of "awhirl".

Then her mother walked out of the room, leaving Riella with her mind awhirl.

An overwhelming explanation of the complexities of the juxtapositions of this star, upon that of another star, would begin, and there were at least two dozen interpretations, enough to set the king’s head awhirl.

I'm not a good dancer, and no one could honestly call me good-looking, but when I go to one of our dull little local dances I'm conventionally supposed to 'have a heavenly time,' to attract the ardent homage of the local cavaliers, and to go home with my head awhirl with pleasurable recollections.

It was now ten in the morning and she was wide awake, her thoughts awhirl as she stared at her lover.