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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Awhape \A*whape"\, v. t. [Cf. whap blow.] To confound; to terrify; to amaze. [Obs.]


vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To confound; to terrify; to amaze.

Usage examples of "awhape".

It was to weet a wilde and saluage man,Yet was no man, but onely like in shape,And eke in stature higher by a span,All ouergrowne with haire, that could awhapeAn hardy hart, and his wide mouth did gapeWith huge great teeth, like to a tusked Bore:For he liu'd all on rauin and on rapeOf men and beasts.

Then downe to ground fell that deformed Masse,Breathing out clouds of sulphure fowle and blacke,In which a puddle of contagion was,More loathd then Lerna, or then Stygian lake,That any man would nigh awhaped make.