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init. 1 American wire gauge. 2 arbitrary waveform generator. 3 arrayed waveguide grating.

AWG (disambiguation)

AWG is an abbreviation for American wire gauge

AWG may also refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Arbitrary waveform generator, a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate electrical waveforms
  • Arrayed waveguide grating, in telecommunications, an optical (de)multiplexing device
  • Atmospheric water generator, a device that extracts water from humid air

Businesses and organizations:

  • AWG plc, a British water company
  • Association for Women Geoscientists
  • Associated Wholesale Grocers
  • Australian Writers' Guild

Other uses:

  • American Winery Guide, a compendium of wineries in the United States
  • Arctic Winter Games, an international biennial sports competition
  • Aruban guilder, the currency of Aruba (ISO currency code)
  • Asymmetric Warfare Group, a unit of the United States Army which crafts doctrine for asymmetric warfare

Usage examples of "awg".

It had flown briefly with the Polish air force, put in a few months in East Germany (where it had allegedly worked as a weather plane, according to the somewhat unbelievable records supplies to bin Awg.

Bin Awg was a good pilot, but the J-11’s bulky mass presented a case study in wake turbulence.

He hadn’t thought the weapons were loaded—bin Awg hadn’t given any indication that they were.

He pulled it open, thinking he would find one of the local press people, but instead found bin Awg.

Bin Awg had modified the aircraft to increase the amount of fuel it could carry.

They were sitting in a reception room that was part of Prince bin Awg’s lavish home.