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AWF may refer to:

  • African Wildlife Foundation, a conservation NGO
  • Africa Wrestling Federation, the former name of the Africa Wrestling Alliance
  • Amazingly Workable Formatter, a text formatting program (see nroff)
  • American Wrestling Federation, a defunct professional wrestling promotion based in Chicago
  • Australasian Wrestling Federation, an Australian professional wrestling promotion
  • Apocalypse Wrestling Federation, a Canadian professional wrestling promotion based in Toronto
  • AWF, Microsoft at Work Fax file format

Usage examples of "awf".

And Awf’ly Wee Billy knew all the songs and could play the mousepipes so sadly that outside it would start to rain.

I was going over, after my coming out--and then came that awful accident, when she and Wiltmar were both drowned--and, of course, there was nothing to go for.

The air castles got awfully wobbly, and it looked like they were going to cave in on us.

I wants you to--and de puppies'll need you--and auntie, and--" Dorman gathered himself for the last, crushing argument--"and Uncle Redmon' wants you awf'lly!

But long about the four-oh-one turnoff to Butluh, Merluhn, it'd got so gadhawful bad awn the road you couldn' see more'n ten foot ahead an' the wipers won't no good at-tall.

I jes' jumped ovuh an' grabbed me thet ol' spear whut thet bastard had jest done pullted outen ol' Harry, an' I jerkted it an' he hung awnta it and I pulled him raht awfen his boss an' his hardhat come awf when he hit the groun' an' he let go thet ol' spear too.

Those few men too honest or too stubborn to decide that Arthur was lawful king after all spurred lathered horses for the safety of the walls of London.

Ailpein had fallen on the field of the second battle, so Eannruig quickly wedded Ailpein's sister, Catriona Stewart, assumed himself the royal patronymic, and the overawed remnant of the Council of Nobles declared him lawful successor and crowned him.

We fin'ly done foun' the roof awf Foster's house, whut's left of 'er, leastways.

It isn't so much their dancing, as their conversation--all about the first meet, and yesterday's cubbing, and to-morrow's covert-shooting, and their foxterriers (though I'm awfully fond of the dear dogs), and then that new golf course.

George shook his head, and muttering something about "Sorry, an engagement--awful hurry," was gone.

She had that awful sense of physical soreness and shrinking which violence, whether their own or others', brings to gentle souls.

We have an awfully pretty city," he added so coaxingly that Robin turned pink, and felt more flattered than ever in his life.

If that's where we are, I hope we're right on the edge of it, 'cause if we aren't, we could get awful lost.

Come on, let's get out of this awful place, and try to think of some way to make Roundelay get the Circlet for us.