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init. (context automotive English) all wheel drive


AWD may refer to:

  • AWD Holding, (Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst), a German company
  • Afghan War Diary, a collection of thousands of US military documents that were leaked to the public via Wikileaks in July, 2010
  • Agency Worker Directive (2008/104/EC)
  • Air Warfare Destroyer, a ship class of the Royal Australian Navy
  • All-wheel drive, a power-train configuration for vehicles, most commonly four-wheel and six-wheel drive
  • Americans with disabilities
  • Artweaver document, the default file extension used by the freeware raster graphics editor developed by Boris Eyrich
  • Microsoft Fax Microsoft at Work Document (file extension)
  • Automated Work Distributor, an American software development firm
  • AWD Trucks, a former British truck manufacturer
  • Adaptive web design, the progressive enhancement of a web site

Usage examples of "awd".

She was out of awd Daisy and ah carried her out of this very byre on a sack and the snow was comin' down hard.

The old stable is empty -she can live in there where there's nobody to stand on 'er awd tits.

Before the great man arrived the platform was occupied by a lascivious sergeant who was whittling away the time by leading us in a succession of bawdy ditties accompanied by gestures.

She's hardly givin' a drop o' milk, poor awd lass, she's nowt but a screw now.

They're only a month old and t'awd bitch seems to think they'd be better off in the stable.

Well, I dinna like the awd whoreson prowlin' aboot, no' when there's a bonnie young guidwife here and in ma care.

Neerer his presence ADAM though not awd, Yet with submiss approach and reverence meek, As to a superior Nature, bowing low, Thus said.