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init. 1 (context trade English) airwaybill 2 3 (context US politics English) 4 (context South Africa English) (w: Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging)


AWB may refer to:

  • .awb, the common file extension for the AMR-WB speech coding standard
  • Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, an Afrikaner nationalist political group
  • Air waybill, a receipt issued by an international courier company
  • Assault weapons ban (disambiguation), a kind of gun law
  • Auto white balance, a color balance feature of digital cameras and video cameras
  • Average White Band, a Scottish funk and R&B band
    • AWB (album), a 1974 album by Average White Band
  • Aviation without Borders, a humanitarian aeronautical non-governmental organization
  • Associate Wildlife Biologist, a professional certification granted by The Wildlife Society
  • AWB Limited, the former Australian Wheat Board, an Australian company that oversees the exports of grain
AWB (album)

AWB is the second studio album by the Scottish funk and soul band Average White Band, released in August 1974 (see 1974 in music). An enormous best-seller, AWB was the Average White Band's breakthrough record.

AWB topped Billboard's Pop Albums and Black Albums charts. Its million-selling single " Pick Up the Pieces" knocked Linda Ronstadt's classic "You're No Good" out of #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.

A 2004 expanded re-issue from Sony/Columbia in the UK includes a bonus CD with several demo session recordings made before the group joined Atlantic Records – taken from the so-called 'clover sessions'.

Usage examples of "awb".

The city of Voosla was allegedly approaching her landfall, but Awb could scarcely credit it.

It had become a mark of good manners, and thoseas Awb knew from his few visits to shorewere far from a luxury in the overcrowded conditions of a fixed city.

Watching it go, Awb reflected what a benefit its kind had proved to be, especially since they had been modified to follow canals and winding inland channels as well as pursuing a direct course across open water.

The guide-cables snapped, the passenger floater leapt up the air like a frightened pitchen taking off from a wave-top, the new plants on the mountainside vanished in a cloud of dust and boulders, so all at once that Awb could not take everything in.

Delighted, Thilling used up her stock of sheets in fixing a view in each direction, returned them to their pack, and asked Awb to take them back to the city and bring replacements.

Axwep came to greet her commander, and by the tune Awb arrived they were deep in conversation.

Tagging along behind Thilling, Awb managed to steal in and join the company, hoping desperately as he nibbled a bit here and a bit there that his budder would not get to hear.

She did her best to convince herself it was because of her unpremeditated decision to accept Awb as an apprentice.

Whether out of misplaced ambition, because she fancied she might make a better impression on this trip than usually at home on Voosla, or out of jealousy of Awb, or simply out of bad temper because of what Axwep had said to her last dark, she had insisted on coming along.

Glancing up on hearing a noise nearby, she was amazed to discover that Awb was here already.

As Awb sidled past, she glowered with her whole mantle, but said nothing.

She was sent to fetch samples of the dead plants from the top of the dam, while Byra set up a microscope to examine them with, and Awb followed Thilling to the best points of vantage for general images, before descending to the lake for close-ups of the bare mud and ruined cutinates.

Regretting his earlier rudeness, for she was bound to seek revenge for it eventually, Awb muttered a word of apology to Thilling and himself hurried to the side of the dam.

But then Awb replied, in a gruffer and lower voice than when addressing the crowd.

If there was one thing Thilling could reluctantly admire about Awb now, it was his skill in keeping up appearances.