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Guyon by Archimage abusd,The Redcrosse knight awaytes,Findes Mordant and Amauia slaineWith pleasures poisoned baytes.

The whiles faire Britomart, whose constant mind,Would not so lightly follow beauties chace,Ne reckt of Ladies Loue, did stay behind,And them awayted there a certaine space,To weet if they would turne backe to that place:But when she saw them gone, she forward went,As lay her iourney, through that perlous Pace,With stedfast courage and stout hardiment.

But he sad man, when he had long in dredeAwayted there for Britomarts returne,Yet saw her not nor signe of her good speed,His expectation to despaire did turne,Misdeeming sure that her those flames did burne.

So forth he came all in a cote of plate,Burnisht with bloudie rust, whiles on the greeneThe Briton Prince him readie did awayte,In glistering armes right goodly well beseene,That shone as bright, as doth the heauen sheene.

With that the foole, which did that end awayte,Came running in, and whilest on ground he lay,Laide heauy hands on him, and held so strayte,That downe he kept him with his scornefull sway,So as he could not weld him any way.