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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
acutely aware/conscious (of/that)
▪ Students are becoming acutely aware that they need more than just paper qualifications.
be/become aware of sb's presence
▪ It was only when I coughed that he became aware of my presence.
fully aware
▪ I am fully aware of your problems.
painfully aware
▪ We are only too painfully aware of the damage his actions have caused.
well aware
▪ I am well aware of the risks involved.
▪ It reveals instead a man who is acutely aware of his image.
▪ But repetition is what I am acutely aware of now.
▪ The present generation of young people is acutely aware of the need for a second language.
▪ I stood four-eleven and weighed ninety-two pounds, and was suddenly acutely aware of it.
▪ I was acutely aware of this as I arrived at Fla Barra.
▪ The presence of the baby nurse had made him and Rhoda acutely aware of what a dump they lived in.
▪ I became acutely aware of people staring at me from the towpath and from the water itself.
▪ Churchill was acutely aware that Britain was far the weaker of the two allies, both militarily and economically.
▪ Is he also aware that human skills are the major determinant of success or failure?
▪ He was also aware of a throbbing under his right rib.
▪ Is he also aware that he has the united resolve of Conservative Members for the speedy passage of his Bill?
▪ I was also aware that he would probably kill me in an instant if he could.
▪ But he is also aware that they may be conceptions of the good life for people generally and for society as a whole.
▪ She was also aware that there is a ticking clock.
▪ Is he also aware that there has been considerable disquiet over the proposed amalgamation of the St. Neots and Huntingdon bench?
▪ But family therapists are also aware how profoundly these swarms of narratives can affect what we see and therefore how we live.
▪ She had not done this deliberately; she was not even aware that she had done it.
▪ But even aware has its problems.
▪ Much of the time the principal performers were not even aware of what we were doing for them.
▪ Others will be completely amnesic for the entire episode and not even aware that a seizure has occurred.
▪ I think there is a lot of potential there that they are not even aware of.
▪ And a staggering 25 % aren't even aware Stamp Duty will eventually have to be paid.
▪ I was not even aware that, until I had my first bought suit, that flies had been invented!
▪ The narrator can't be sure but guesses he wasn't even aware of the existence of the flowers.
▪ They will know the children, and will be fully aware of other aspects of what pupils are learning.
▪ Without being strident, she is fully aware that she chose to have a child with a parenting man.
▪ Frequent reviews with the manager and directors take place, so that the teams are fully aware of the Business Unit objectives.
▪ Jody is fully aware of the dynamic.
▪ Franco was fully aware of this.
▪ He warily gazed around at his detractors, fully aware that any slim camaraderie they shared was likely to smolder as well.
▪ This was, in fact, standard practice and Barratt was fully aware of it.
▪ Fifth, Dole is fully aware of the fact that presidents can not control judges once they have been confirmed.
▪ He slid on top of Solveig, kissing her, increasingly aware of ripples in her body beneath him.
▪ But after so many of these experiences, we ought to be becoming increasingly aware of the danger.
▪ The major political parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals, were increasingly aware of the need to compete for working-class support.
▪ Archaeologists are becoming increasingly aware of the high cost and destructiveness of excavation.
▪ The Trust has become increasingly aware, as funding becomes available, of the unrivalled educational resource of its properties.
▪ In the work of both painters one becomes increasingly aware of the fact that they are making use of a variable viewpoint.
▪ Colleges and Catholic schools at a time when both are increasingly aware of the need to co-operate more closely with each other.
▪ She was increasingly aware of the way he was holding her.
▪ Jacob was keenly aware of that.
▪ With all of our progress and success, we are keenly aware of the unfinished agenda.
▪ But he is keenly aware of history.
▪ Through excellent communication media, they are keenly aware of conditions and events in the outside world.
▪ Now I was keenly aware of where I ranked in the mile, half-mile and three miles.
▪ First, he is keenly aware of the assumptions and implications of the work of both Guthrie and Linforth.
▪ They are often keenly aware of the familial conflict that this produces.
▪ No one is more aware of this than publishers, to the sceptics' fury.
▪ I am much more aware of oppression and racism now, more socially aware, more into doing things to help people.
▪ Many secondary pupils are likely to be more aware than younger children of their cultural and religious frames of reference.
▪ Yet it has made her all the more aware of the power of the public world in the lives of individuals.
▪ On the contrary, I'd say they are more aware of standards in a productive and hopeful way.
▪ Machines will never go completely on their own way, but they will become more aware of other machines.
▪ The adverts are designed to shock abusers and make parents more aware of the dangers.
▪ He is more aware than anyone of the balancing act he has been trying to perform.
▪ I have quoted the passage from which the phrase comes, showing how Wells was painfully aware of our duality.
▪ I am painfully aware of this fact.
▪ Chapman was painfully aware that he had underestimated the task at Walsall.
▪ I am painfully aware of how we get caught up in our times and become contaminated by our own hypocrisy.
▪ He answered the door himself, and she was painfully aware that once again his eyes seemed to study every part of her.
▪ As you are painfully aware, when it comes to being handy, I can barely work a shower curtain.
▪ And as he drew nearer, Cornelius became painfully aware of a curious buzzing sound in his ears.
▪ Folly was painfully aware that she was acting completely unreasonably.
▪ As Katherine watched them and listened, she was suddenly aware that her father seemed different than he did in New York.
▪ Converse was suddenly aware that he had stopped sweating.
▪ There is a gap again because I stopped work, suddenly aware that an alien indignation was invading my soul.
▪ Instead he seemed rather average, and I was suddenly aware of his increased age.
▪ He became suddenly aware of a strange, unpleasant smell.
▪ He cried out, suddenly aware he was in total darkness, the smashing of stone joining the cry.
▪ Tom was suddenly aware that it was raining, that thin, gray sheets of rain were slapping against the window-panes.
▪ I made my way back to Chelsea only too aware that I had no intention of buying a shop in the terrace.
▪ I am too aware that that is what I am now, a trespasser out of place and time.
▪ As a new father I am only too aware of the importance of expert guidance through the first months of parenthood.
▪ A single kiss never changed the world, and she was all too aware of the reality of the situation.
▪ If he walked fast he was too aware of trying to distract himself.
▪ The professionals involved were only too aware that in recalling women for further testing they were likely to cause a panic.
▪ Educated Protestants were all too aware of the popular ignorance of the basics of theology.
▪ She had been too aware of him since their first meeting and he knew it.
▪ Rock climbers can become very aware of the living nature of their element.
▪ The campus is very aware of the dangers.
▪ I am also very aware that all this is relative.
▪ They are very aware of their problems.
▪ Sore experience on the Debenham house made him very aware of how easily original details can be lost in inexpert hands.
▪ He seems rather to be at once very aware if it and indifferent to it.
▪ But the scouts were very aware that the fear of war was never far from their minds.
▪ Something else you become very aware of all over the Basque country is the bracken.
▪ Rostov was well aware of the scandal.
▪ I am perfectly well aware of that.
▪ He was well aware that he made young men look badly dressed and ill-mannered.
▪ Polly was well aware of my interest in the two of them.
▪ The sepoys must be well aware that the garrison's ammunition was all but finished.
▪ She'd been well aware that Ruth Russell grudged her every penny.
▪ The Gascons themselves were well aware that the 1259 treaty had led to an immediate change in their status.
▪ But family therapists are also aware how profoundly these swarms of narratives can affect what we see and therefore how we live.
▪ Facing him across the bleached wooden plank, Melissa became aware of an extraordinary change in his manner.
▪ Once it is aware of the adventurers, the Poltergeist will try its best to assault them anywhere within the tower.
▪ She was aware of a feeling of acute pain; she was in panic; she was terrified that she might scream.
▪ She was no longer aware of the people around her, only of herself and the storm.
▪ Television news directors and producers are well aware of this fascination, and almost universally favor the idea of televising actual trials.
▪ This was, in fact, standard practice and Barratt was fully aware of it.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aware \A*ware"\, a. [OE. iwar, AS. gew[ae]r, fr. w[ae]r wary. The pref. ge- orig. meant together, completely. ?. See Wary.]

  1. Watchful; vigilant or on one's guard against danger or difficulty.

  2. Apprised; informed; cognizant; conscious; as, he was aware of the enemy's designs.

    Aware of nothing arduous in a task They never undertook.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English gewær, from Proto-Germanic *ga-waraz (cognates: Old Saxon giwar, Middle Dutch gheware, Old High German giwar, German gewahr), from *ga-, intensive prefix, + waraz "wary, cautious" (see wary).


a. 1 vigilant or on one's guard against danger or difficulty. 2 conscious or having knowledge of something.

  1. adj. (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing realization or perception; "was aware of his opponent's hostility"; "became aware of her surroundings"; "aware that he had exceeded the speed limit" [syn: aware(p)] [ant: unaware]

  2. bearing in mind; attentive to; "ever mindful of her health"; "mindful of his responsibilities"; "mindful of these criticisms, I shall attempt to justify my action" [syn: mindful] [ant: unmindful]

  3. aware or knowing; "a witting tool of the Communists" [syn: witting] [ant: unwitting]

  4. (usually followed by `of') having knowledge or understanding; "our youth are cognizant of the law"; "I am well aware of his limitations" [syn: cognizant, cognisant, well aware(p), aware(p)] [ant: incognizant]

  5. alert and fully informed; "politically aware"; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on" [syn: aware(p), knowing, knowledgeable]

Aware (woreda)

Aware is one of the woredas in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Degehabur Zone, Aware is bordered on the south by Gunagadow, on the west by Degehabur, on the north by the Jijiga Zone, on the northeast by Somalia, and on the east by Misraq Gashamo. Towns in Aware include Aware, Daroor, Kam Aboker, and Rabaso. Gunagadow woreda was separated from Aware.

Aware (disambiguation)

Aware is the adjectival form of awareness, the perception of or reaction to an event. It may also refer to:

  • Aware Electronics, a USA designer and manufacturer of Geiger counters and radiation monitors
  • Aware Records, a record label owned by Columbia Records
  • Aware (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby bear marketed to raise funds for breast cancer
  • Aware (album), an album by Salvador
  • Aware (voluntary organisation)
  • Aware (woreda), a district in Ethiopia
    • Aware, Ethiopia, a town in that district

AWARE may be the acronym for:

  • Project AWARE, a scuba diving charitable foundation
  • Association of Women for Action and Research, an NGO in Singapore
  • Americans Well-informed on Automobile Retailing Economics, a nonprofit focused on vehicle finance education
  • The AWARE Study (AWAreness during REsuscitation)

Awareness may refer to:

  • Awareness (album), a 1971 album by Buddy Terry
  • Brand awareness, a marketing term
  • Awareness Records, a record label founded by Andy Ware
  • Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality, a book by Anthony de Mello
  • Anesthesia awareness
  • Context awareness on context with operational context
  • Legal awareness
  • Location awareness on context with physical location
  • Raising awareness
Aware (voluntary organisation)

Aware is a voluntary organisation based in Ireland which aims to assist people affected by depression. Its CEO is Geraldine Clare.

Aware (album)

Aware is the eighth album released by Salvador. It was released on April 29, 2008 through Word.

Usage examples of "aware".

He turned to his brother, to include him by explanation, aware that at a time like this he was reminded forcefully that he had no function aboard the ship.

Chrissie, took both her hands and held them gently in his, as aware of her abraded palm as he was aware of his own injured wrist.

From her own experience, she has become aware that there are many women like herself who leave the Family and fall into similarly controlling and abusive situations, which tend to perpetuate the experiences that they had while in the cult.

The workbooks help you become aware of your abusive history and find ways to get rid of the anger.

He was an acausal double, a synchronous mirrorself, the echo of the godmind returning from the future, as unconscious of his power as the Delph was aware.

Men and women bright enough to run a particle accelerator the size of a small planet likewise had to be at least somewhat aware that they were being manipulated, even as they let it happen.

Daphne coaxed Rackford into dancing with her, vaguely aware of Acer Loring off to the side, scowling at them right along with her, for he had been enamored of Daphne for ages.

Please be aware that these principles are an absolutely essential foundation for understanding the rest of this book, for using the tools of Kabbalah that it presents, and for achieving the connection with the Light that is our true purpose in life.

As president of Acme Packers, I am well aware of my competitors, of which Starbuck is definitely one.

If, after other strategies have failed, acquiescence is deemed to be the optimum response to protect life and reduce physical injury in a given situation, it is important that the victim be comfortable with such a choice and be aware that postassault guilt feelings will probably arise.

We are aware, certainly, that she is actressy and all that, but still it does not quite click.

Chi, Yoga, or acupressure will make you more aware of the energy in your body and can serve as a useful supplement to this book.

But as I watched from that seaward beach it seemed to me that never had I been aware of it so acutely as now.

I became acutely aware that I was one man among a multitude and that discretion was a thing of greater value than curiosity.

But he was acutely aware that Watkins was in a dangerously excited state and that it was necessary, if frustrating, to take the time to calm his fears.