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Awaka is a village in northern Owerri, Imo State, southeastern Nigeria. Also, it is a town well known as an ancient town. Awaka is well known for their abundant production of corn. History has it that in the whole of owerri, corns harvested from Awaka is more delicious than those of other communities around it. Awaka has also produced some indigenous sons and daughters in the like of, late chief Ogbede Nwachukwu, Late Dr.Charles Nwanna Ejiogu (United Nations), Barrister Chidi Charles Ejiogu, Chief, Sir Professor Alexander Dozie Wozuzu Acholonu, Justice Pascal Nnadi,Barrister P.O Acholonu,Dr Kenny Uzoma Acholonu, Chief Jerry Chukwueke,The Cachez Brothers,Barrister Emeka Nwaneri,Mr Vitalis Uzochi Acholonu. Mazi Anthony Amadi, The King of Awaka His Royal Highness Eze Akujobi D. Osuagwu (Ruling for over 25 years)...... Some indigenous companies owned by Awaka sons include, Blade-Simo projects, Cachez, Germaine and Haulics etc.

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