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Awadhiya is a new neighborhood of Manama, the capital city of Bahrain. It lies roughly between Ras Rumman and Hoora, while the Manama Souq lies to Awadhiya's west. The neighborhood was originally settled by merchants of Huwala origin, especially from Larestan and Bastak. Today the area is a busy commercial district. The neighborhood contains some of the last remaining houses built in the traditional architectural style featuring badgeer windtowers.

Awadhiya is a new neighborhood, having been established by Huwala.

Awadhiya (caste)

This article is about the Indian surname "Awadhiya". For the neighbourhood Awadhiya in Manama, Bahrain, please see Awadhiya.

Awadhiya is a surname. It does not refer to occupational history (popularly known as caste in India) in any way, and thus, Awadhiyas may belong to many different castes. Thus, Awadhiyas ancestrally settled in different states may be unconnected to each other.

The word "Awadhiya" refers to a person who belongs to the now defunct princely state of Oudh or the Kingdom of Awadh (1816–1858). Awadhiyas claim their origins to be in Ayodhya, which was the ancient capital of that dynasty. Thus, the term "Awadhiya" means the people of Awadh or Oudh.

More particularly, the region of Awadh (also referred to as " Oudh", "Oude" earlier) is the area around the current day Lucknow, Kanpur, and Faizabad.

In fact, the current state of U.P. ( Uttar Pradesh) was referred to as the "United Provinces of Agra and Awadh" from 1902 till 1947, when it was renamed as "Uttar Pradesh".

The family name "Awadhiya" refers to those people who (more correctly whose ancestors) belonged to the princely state of Awadh (1816–1858). The province was established in 1722 AD by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan.

Its capital was initially located at Faizabad. Subsequently, Nawab Asaf ud Daula, in 1775 AD, shifted its capital to Lucknow.

The Awadhiyas were traditionally zamindars, traders, businessmen and moneylenders by profession. They are said to have actively participated in the Indian Revolt of 1857.