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Here was me, a peaceful, law-abiding sailorman, being hounded and threatened by a blame yellow-belly I hadn't never even seen.

I said I would pay for my keep, and they haw-hawed and slapped me on the back and said I was a great joker.

Whilst he was thus employed I spit his boot out and butted him in the belly with a vi'lence which changed his haw-haw to a agonized grunt, and then we laid hands on each other and rolled back and forth acrost the floor, biting and gouging, and that was how the tables and chairs got busted.

But the local law-force ain't strong enough to deal with ‘em, and anyway, most of the folks in town is in cahoots with ‘em, and warns ‘em if officers from outside come after ‘em.

The rickshaw-boy makes a loud 'tut' sound, and starts talking and gesticulating excitedly.

The rickshaw-boys and sedan chair carriers are shouting and cursing at each other.

Miss Arrol argues vociferously outside with the two men and the rickshaw-boys for a minute or so, then turns as another rickshaw comes squeaking out of the mist behind her.

I am about to reply when from outside the bar the manic beeping of a rickshaw-boy's heels makes us both turn to the window.

I'd just have gotten embarrassed, having my big baw-face plastered all over album covers and posters and music papers.

The other was big, raw-boned, long-jawed, with a veined nose and glassy eyes.