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expresion of mild disappointment, sympathy, etc., first recorded in this form by 1888.


interj. 1 Used to express disappointment/dismay. 2 Used to express mild protest, entreaty, consternation, or disapproval. 3 Used to express affection.


A&W, AW, Aw, aW or aw may refer to:

Usage examples of "aw".

Once lost, the awen is never recovered and its light passes out of the world forever.

The awen is the breath of the Dagda which guides and instructs, and which sets a bard apart from other men.

They swung, parried, lunged and fought like crazed men caught up in an ancient battle awen, a formidable spell that neither could nor wanted to break.

I had not entered into this heightened state, this battle awen, since Goddeu.

From his holy awen he spoke forth many things, but ever he spoke the truth.

I tell you the truth, no foe confronting the spectacle of Llenlleawg gripped in the awen of battle remained unpersuaded for long.

It came to me that I had not entered into this heightened state, this battle awen, since Goddeu.

He put the pistol away in the desk awer, and put the rest of the shells back in the box.

One neet as aw trudged throo mi wark, Thinks aw, nah mi labor is done, aw feel just inclined for a lark, For its long sin aw had onny fun.

Sih, Ah, Mih, Sih, Aw, Nih, he pronounced at length, peering intently at the metal and adding, Ih, Tih, Eh .

Will git thum ootside eftir n aw, eh smiles, then eh rubs ehs face wi ehs finger tae gie himself an imaginary scar.

He could gie a punch and he could take one n aw, no that eh hud tae very often wi his reflexes.

Jist lookin fir somewhaire tae pit it aw, eh goes, n every cunt laughs.

For to telle of this teuelyng of this trwe kny3te3, Hit is the tytelet token and tyxt of her werkke3, How ledes for her lele luf hor lyue3 han auntered, Endured for her drury dulful stounde3, And after wenged with her walour and voyded her care, And bro3t blysse into boure with bountees hor awen-- And 3e ar knyyght comlokest kyd of your elde, Your worde and your worchip walke3 ayquere, And I haf seten by yourself here sere twyes, Yghet herde I neuer of your hed helde no worde3 That euer longed to luf, lasse ne more.

A group of half-grown boys in Frontier Town-- aw, nuts, looks like the uptime abandonees just cut class again-dashed out of a restaurant directly in his path, yelling and whooping in an excess of energy.