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AVSnap is a freeware (some features must be licensed from Altinex Inc.) audio/visual system integration and design software that was created by Altinex Inc. in 2004. The software started as a way to create a visual routing diagram of and audio/visual system, that is similar to an A/V schematic or a Computer network diagram. As the software matured over the next 5 years, many features were added to increase AVSnap's capability.

The reason for designing this software was twofold: Provide a powerful EDA tool for AV industry and to reduce cost of entry into AV industry by entrepreneurs. The features that were added were focused on end to end solutions from Customer presentation, to AV System design and finally full GUI development for touch screen panels and monitors.

AVSnap has many different modes of operation, including a system design mode, a presentation mode, a remote access mode, and a web server mode. The software is designed to provide a professional quality design environment for Audio Visual market.

The software includes preset equipment icons to illustrate the A/V system network. On their website, Altinex Inc. compares AVSnap to Autodesk's AutoCAD and StarDraw saying that AVSnap is affordable, simple to use, and has excellent AV functionality.